Loaf of the Day: Baker's Choice


Loaf of the Day: Baker's Choice

from 7.00

Not ready for a subscription yet? We have the perfect answer for you. Buy a loaf of whatever the baker is making. All are made with organic flours and local ingredients as much as possible. Using traditional methods of slow fermentation and natural levain, these breads develop complex and unique flavors, a rustic and beautiful crust, and a soft and tender interior.

Orders must be placed by Thursday, 9AM to receive on Friday. 

Friday, December 11 Bread Choices:

  1. Country Sour: Organic Bread Flour, Organic Whole Wheat, Sourdough Culture, Salt..........$7.00

  2. Cheesy Polenta Porridge: Organic Type 70, Organic Bread Flour, Organic Whole Kamut, Organic Whole Wheat, Organic Polenta, Cheddar Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, Fresh Ground Pepper, Sourdough Culture, Salt..........$9.00 

Limited quantities available so get your orders in! 

Please see the About page for frequently asked questions and bread & pastry descriptions. All loaves are vegan friendly unless otherwise specified.

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